“Personal Property,” 1937, Is Playing on TCM July 24 (USA)

Personal Property (1937) is playing on Turner Classic Movies on Thu, July 24, 2014 05:00 PM est. Not closed captioned.


Robert Taylor, Jean Harlow and Reginald Owen

I’m a sucker for this movie. I’ve watched it many times and never fail to enjoy the excellent visuals, the superior acting and just the general silliness of it all. Robert Taylor is wearing much too much makeup but looks great anyway, especially in the bathtub scene!  Harlow’s cough is real and is a sad reminder of her fatal disease. The hat “business” with the bailiff is truly charming as is Raymond’s reaction to the news that the bailiff is expecting a baby that night. The centerpiece is, of course, the dinner party. The superb timing by all the actors pulls off a series of sight gags (pepper in the cocktail, the over-filled wine glass, the missing dinner, the dressing). I especially like the interaction between Raymond and his mother. It seems so natural. Highly recommended.  Review I wrote for Amazon.com.


Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor

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“Waterloo Bridge” Is Playing on TCM on July 25 (USA)

Waterloo Bridge (1940) is playing on Turner Classic Movies on Fri, July 25, 2014 10:15 PM est. Closed captioned. This was both Robert Taylor’s and Vivien Leigh’s favorite movie.

????Robert Taylor was an inspired choice for the role… Not only does he have an imposing screen presence, but he brings the perfect mix of enlightenment, humor, compassion and emotion to the part…

Opposite him, Oscar Winner Vivien Leigh, perfect in her innocent lovely look, radiantly beautiful, specially that evening in a trailing white chiffon gown… Leigh floods her role with personal emotion giving her character a charismatic life of its own… As a great star, she delivers a heartfelt performance turning her character into a woman who undergoes an emotional awakening…

In this sensitive motion picture, Mervyn LeRoy captures all the tenderness and moving qualities… He makes every small thing eloquent, concentrating the highly skilled efforts of many technicians on the telling of a very simple bittersweet love story… Vivien Leigh paints a picture that few men will be able to resist… Her performance captures the audience to the point of complete absorption… Robert Taylor (carrying sympathy all the way) quietly throws all his vitality as an ambition actor into the task… Their film, a credit to both, is a heavily sentimental tale about the vagaries of wartime…

Love is the only thing this movie is about… The story is simple: Myra Lester (Leigh) is a frail creature, an innocent young ballet dancer and Roy Cronin (Taylor) is an aristocratic British army officer… When their eyes met it took no time at all for their hearts to feel the loving call… They meet on London’s Waterloo Bridge during an air raid, and fall deeply in love… Their romance is sublime, and they soon agree to marry…

The lover’s marriage has to be postponed when the handsome officer is suddenly called to the front… Sadly, the sweet ballerina misses her performance to see her captain off at Waterloo Station… Fired from the troupe, she is joined by her loyal friend, Virginia Field (Kitty Meredith), and the two vainly try to find work, finally sinking into poverty and the threatening fear that goes with it…

The film is replete with beautiful and poignant scenes, specially the ‘Auld Lang Syne’ waltz scene in the Candlelight Club, before Taylor leaves for France…

Seen today, ‘Waterloo Bridge’ has retained all its charm and power, all its rich sentiment, and tragic evocations…  Review by Righty-Sock (robertfrangie@hotmail.com) from Mexico for the IMDB.

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Flesh Sculptors: Keeping Healthy in Tinseltown

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Literary Digest March 6, 1937 FLESH SCULPTORS: Screen Players Find It’s Fun to Keep Healthy—Here’s How. Various healthy activities are demonstrated by Mr. Robert Taylor The girl with the piquant face, a movie star in the making, watched the studio … Continue reading

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Robert Taylor in “Cattle King,” 1963

This gallery contains 65 photos.

Cattle King is the last film Robert Taylor made under his MGM contract. His full-time contract had ended in 1959 but he agreed to do three more pictures. Cattle King is the third. Mr.Taylor plays a large scale cattle rancher … Continue reading

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Robert Taylor Actor Has 100,000 Views July 10, 2014

fireworksThank You!         Thank You!          Thank You!          Thank You!          Thank You!

When I started this blog in 2012 I had no idea whether anyone would ever look at it.  My husband and I had moved to Florida in 2011 and began building a new life.  One Saturday evening Turner Classic Movies showed “Ivanhoe” and “Quentin Durward” with the legendary Robert Taylor.  The films rekindled a 50 year old passion.  As a teenager I loved Robert Taylor and filled scrapbooks with clippings and photos.  They’re all gone now.  As an adult with a marriage and a career as an Art Historian I didn’t have time for movie stars.  Now, retired, I do.

RT1818Many people have helped with this project, directly or indirectly:

Fred Hanhisalo, my husband of 47 years, who has been so gracious about my virtual pursuit of another man.

Linda J. Alexander, whose book Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood and Communism.  (Tease Publishing, 2008) has been both an inspiration and a continuing resource. Check out her new book I Am Mister Ed…Allan “Rocky” Lane this month.

Charles Tranberg, whose book Robert Taylor: a Biography (BearManor Media  2010) has also been a tremendous resource. His latest is Fredric March: A Consummate Actor (2013).

Tessa Taylor, Robert Taylor’s daughter, has graciously answered many questions about her father.

Ralph Moratz,  worked with Robert Taylor and has given such a vivid picture of him.

Gillian Kelly of Glasgow who is writing her PhD dissertation on Robert Taylor was nice enough to share some of her work with me.

I want to thank people whose comments and support have been so helpful:  June in Australia, Dianne in Pennsylvania and especially Su in Argentina.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Robert Taylor fans from around the world including Giustina from Italy, Janet from Germany and Elena from Spain.

Last but definitely not least–thanks to every single person who has viewed this blog.  The average visitor looks at 6 to 7 posts, which is encouraging to a blogger. Please keep dropping by.  Judith



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Robert Taylor and Ursula Thiess at Home and In Public

This gallery contains 52 photos.

Robert Taylor and Ursula Thiess liked to live a quiet country life at their Mandeville Canyon home with their children and animals.  Yet they were able to turn on the glamor when the occasion demanded it.  The following is an … Continue reading

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Robert Taylor in the 1950s

This gallery contains 47 photos.

Audrey Meadows is expressing a widely held view about Robert Taylor.  She said this in the 1950s.  To my mind, Mr. Taylor never looked better than he did in the fifties.  Robert Taylor had become a sophisticate, socializing everywhere from … Continue reading

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