More on Newly Released Robert Taylor DVD’s

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The following is from the WB Shop. Now, please, Rogue Cop! ROBERT TAYLOR IN LOVE AND WAR A YANK AT OXFORD (1938) Robert Taylor begins to tough up his onscreen persona with this overseas MGM film – the Tiffany studio’s … Continue reading

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All the Brothers Were Valiant, 1953, Is Playing on TCM on May 2 (USA)

All the Brothers Were Valiant, 1953 is playing on Turner Classic Movies on Monday May 2 at 10:45 a.m.  Closed captioned.  This film was very successful, bringing in $4,628,000.00 or $41,258,706.67 in today’s money.


Robert Taylor and Ann Blyth.

This film has quite a good story by Ben Ames Williams, which was competently brought to the screen. Robert Taylor is the “good” brother and Stewart Granger the “bad” one. Ann Blyth is the woman who marries Taylor thinking Granger is dead. Three years later Granger and Taylor would star in The Last Hunt with a reversal of roles: Granger as the “good” guy and Taylor the “bad”. There are two aspects of this film which create a strong impression:1)the destructive relationship between the brothers, which started in childhood with Granger always taking for himself Taylor’s toys. Now Granger wants to take away Taylor’s ship and also his wife. 2)How Granger is able to seduce Ann Blyth by making her think her husband is a coward. Blyth is a bit too “angelical” for her role, when you see the ship you have the feeling you are seeing a miniature on MGM’s tank, but both Granger and Taylor are excellent. Great entertainment. Review for the IMDB by tmwest from S Paolo, Brazil.

Here are some behind the scenes photos:

Left to right:  Robert Taylor and Stewart Granger; Mr. Granger and Mr. Taylor; Mr. Taylor, Lewis Stone, Director Richard Thorpe.

Left to right:  Dore Schary and Robert Taylor; Mr. Taylor, Ann Blyth and a guest; Messrs. Granger and Taylor with Jean Simmons.

RT3615All the Brothers Were Valiant
Left to right: Joan Crawford and Robert Taylor; Richard Thorpe, Ms. Crawford, Ann Blyth, Mr. Taylor.  The original caption for the first photo: Joan Crawford, returning to MGM for the first time in a number of years to star in Torch Song, visited an old friend, Robert Taylor, on his set.

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A Yank at Oxford, 1938, Is Coming Out on DVD

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A Yank at Oxford, 1938, Is Coming Out on DVD. You can buy it at WB Shop and other retailers. A Yank at Oxford is one of several films intended to “toughen up” Robert Taylor’s image after his success in … Continue reading

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Times Square Lady, 1935, Is Coming Out on DVD

This is very early Robert Taylor, but he does handle his role as the crooked nightclub operator turned honest by love well. Virginia Bruce is lovely, as always, and Helen Twelvetrees is a suitable furious dumped girlfriend. Nat Pendleton is excellent as Mr. Taylor’s valet, and Pinky Tomlin sings some of his famous pieces–especially The Object of My Affection.  The DVD will be available from the WB Shop and other retailers.

times9987Toni Bradley comes to New York City, from a small town in Iowa, to take over her late father’s estate and sporting business, which is primarily gambling on sports events, with a lot of the odds reduced beforehand by henchmen who make offer that can’t be turned down by the participants in the games. A group of her father’s associates, led by Steve Gordon and Jack Kramer, are trying to take the properties away from her by saying they are running at a loss or just too troublesome to handle. But with the aid of a songwriter, Pinky Tomlin’ and his girlfriend, “Babe” Heath, Toni fights back and Steve soon turns to her side, also. Synopsis by Les Adams for the IMDb.

RT4391RT4391 (2)
Robert Taylor with Virginia Bruce and Helen Twelvetrees

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Robert Taylor Trivia: French Filmmaker Makes Documentary About Taylor & Stanwyck

1950RT1616 (8)

I received this message recently: Hello, I’m a French journalist and filmmaker doing a documentary about Taylor and Stanwyck. Is there a way I could contact you ? Thanks in advance.  Taylor biographers Linda J. Alexander and Charles Tranberg were also contacted and Ms. Alexander is being flown out to Los Angeles to talk to the filmmaker, Anne-Cecile Genre.  The films are a series about iconic Hollywood marriages and she is doing Mr. Taylor and Ms. Stanwyck now.

I haven’t heard back from Ms. Genre but I’ll be very interested to see her film.

To see Ms. Genre’s other work, go to:


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Robert Taylor Trivia: You Could Own Marcus Vinicius’ Uniform

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Someone has listed a costume worn by Robert Taylor as Marcus Vinicius in Quo Vadis for sale on ebay.  This is the seller’s description: “Up for auction is a very rare piece of film and American history. This outfit was … Continue reading

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Two Robert Taylor Films Are Now Available on DVD

Valley of the Kings, 1954 and Lady of the Tropics, 1939 are now available on DVD from WB Shop and other retailers. Prices vary.

Valley is a swashbuckler set in 1900.  It is about Mark Brandon,  the archaeologist who inspired Indiana Jones.  Eleanor Parker and Carlos Thompson co-star.  It is huge fun and beautifully photographed.

Lady is an odd film set in Viet Nam in the 1930s. Serial houseguest  Robert Taylor falls in love with Hedy Lamarr, a mixed race beauty. His acceptance of her as she is is pretty enlightened as everyone else thinks he’s nuts. It’s not the most believable film but it is visually great and entertaining.


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