A Thank You Letter from Robert Taylor

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ROBERT TAYLOR (letterhead) August second 1  9  3  9 Dear Jack, Terribly sorry that we have not thanked you for your kind gift sooner.  I know this sounds like a rather bewhiskered excuse** and I sincerely hope you will accept … Continue reading

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“There’s Always Tomorrow,” 1934

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There’s Always Tomorrow is an old-fashioned story of love, romance and responsibility. Frank Morgan is the under-appreciated father of five children. Despite the fact that all but one are grown they are all referred to as children. His role in … Continue reading

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Valley of the Kings, 1954 Is Playing on TCM on March 14 (USA)

Valley of the Kings, 1954 is playing on Turner Classic Movies on Saturday March 14 at 12:15 pm est.  Closed captioned.  It will also be available on TCM’s  new feature called Movies on Demand, where you can watch a film for a week after it airs. Go to TCM.com and look for Movies on Demand.
RT5571This is one of my favorite Robert Taylor pictures. Eleanor Parker and he had wonderful chemistry and both of them looked their best in this exotic action-adventure film.  The following is my review for the IMDb.

This isn’t a serious or “meaningful” film. It is pure entertainment, beautifully photographed on location in Egypt. The stars, Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker, had great chemistry both off-screen and on. Taylor manages to be glamorous even when trapped in a sandstorm. The plot is relatively thin with Parker seeking to validate part of the Old Testament by finding the tomb of the Pharaoh who reigned in the time of the Biblical Joseph. She bats her eyelashes at Taylor who comes along happily. Then she introduces her husband, Carlos Thompson. There are horse and carriage chases, murders, the aforementioned sandstorm, a spectacular fight at Abu Simbel, a scorpion attack–all in ninety minutes. Given the slower pace of movies in the 1950s, there is also time for Taylor and Parker to discover each other more thoroughly (over some fermented goat). Egyptian belly dancer Samia Gamal shakes her stuff at the demure Parker. Highly enjoyable.

RT2304One of the best screen kisses–ever!

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Robert Taylor Can Act – “This Is My Affair,” 1937

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Robert Taylor Can Act – “This Is My Affair” The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) Monday August 16, 1937 Lovers’ Triumph For a young man whose face is his fortune and who hitherto has starred as the answer to a maiden’s … Continue reading

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Martha Cantarini’s New Book Is Available Online

Ms Cantarini with Frosty at the Thunderbird Casino in Las Vegas

Ms Cantarini with Frosty at the Thunderbird Casino in Las Vegas

Martha Crawford Cantarini, former MGM stuntwoman and good friend of Robert Taylor, has written a second book. Her first book was Fall Girl, an account of her film work.  Ms. Cantarini, now 86, has written the story of Frosty, a true story of a stunted foal’s rise to fame. She adopted the colt Frosty and turned a weak, stunted little horse into a remarkably talented and beautiful animal with his own showbiz career. You can order the book online chapter by chapter for $1 each. The chapters are:

1. A Horse Against Time
2. A New Challenge for a Hollywood Stunt Girl
3. Two Jewels in the Desert
4. Elvis and Love Me Tender
5. Exercise Kinesiology
6. Our Mutual Body Language
7. Las Vegas and Frosty’s Own TV Program
8. Frosty Rolls the Dice at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas

The illustrations are by Bonnie Shields.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves horses, animals generally, showbiz or just good stories.

Click this link to order: http://frosty.secondrunning.com/


Ms. Cantarini with Robert Taylor's horse Tommy.

Ms. Cantarini with Robert Taylor’s horse Tommy. You can see both of them in “The Law and Jake Wade,” 1958.

Please note: I have no financial interest whatsoever in this book. I admire Ms. Cantarini and love the book and am happy to recommend it.

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Knights of the Round Table, Is Playing on TCM on February 27 (USA)

Knights of the Round Table (1954) is playing on Turner Classic Movies on Fri, February 27, 2015 10:15 AM est. Closed captioned.


Mel Ferrer, Ava Gardner, Stanley Baker, Anne Crawford, Felix Aylmer, Robert Taylor and Maureen Swanson.

This is a fine example of ’50’s style epics. Big name cast, colorful costumes,flashy swordplay, beautiful damsels and wild inaccuracies. The great Robert Taylor, who starred in several historical movies, is the honorable Sir Lancelot, a far more noble and pure portrayal than was recorded in all the legends, Ava Gardner is the stunningly beautiful Queen Guinevere, the ever dependable Felix Aylmer is the mysterious Merlin, Mel Ferer is a somewhat subdued and less than charismatic King Arthur. See it for the spectacle, costumes, word-play filled dialog and over the top Stanley Baker as Sir Mordred. Lancelot’s joust with Niall Mac Ginnis is very well done. 8 stars for pure eye filling entertainment value. Review by Wayner50 (United States) for the IMDB.

robert_taylor_1970_01_01 KnightsoftheRound

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Robert Taylor’s Detectives on DVD?

I received this today from Vic:
Anyone who is a fan of The Detectives…send an e-mail to Shout Factory and suggest The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor.  They just produced WRKP in Cincinnati and it is awesome!
Go to this link and look for the Contact section at the bottom of the page.  There is already a place to suggest titles for them to produce.

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