The Gay Thing

Robert Taylor loved the ladies.  He had, in the words of Jimmy Stewart’s biographer Marc Eliot, “a reputation as an intense, real-life ladies man.” Jimmy Stewart: a Biography, Random House 2006, p. 82).  Jane Ellen Wayne, in Robert Taylor:  the Man with the Perfect Face, St. Martin’s press, 1987, p. 160), recounts that “one night [Taylor] invited the entire Copacabana chorus line for dinner.”  The list of Mr. Taylor’s relationships is  lengthy, although often unverifiable, due to his extreme discretion.  A few women, notably Ava Gardner, have come forward, although most have not.

Nonetheless, since the 1930s rumors have persisted that Mr. Taylor was gay or at least bisexual.  This was, of course, based on his sensational looks and the studio’s misguided publicity campaign for the “pretty boy.”  There is, however, not one scintilla of evidence for this.  No Taylor personal reminiscing, no photographs, no letters.  There is only gossip by people who obviously have an axe to grind.  Barbara Stanwyck  had similar problems and some say they had a “lavender” or bisexual marriage.  Again, until there is evidence–real, irrefutable evidence, this is just pointless and irrelevant speculation.

The following photos are intended to illustrate (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) Mr. Taylor’s affection for the opposite sex.

An evening with the lovely ladies of "Broadway Melody"?

An evening with the lovely ladies of “Broadway Melody”

Ladies from "Marie Antoinette"

Ladies from “Marie Antoinette”

Signing autographs or lining up dates?

Billy the Kid at round-up time.

This Is My Affair

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