Robert Taylor died on June 8, 1969–43 years ago today

Robert Taylor’s grave is at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, in an area not accessible to the public.

At 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 8, 1969 Robert Taylor passed away in the arms of his wife, Ursula Thiess Taylor. A lifelong smoker, he had incurable lung cancer.  After nine months of intense suffering after an operation on his right lung in October 1968, he was at peace. Future President Ronald Reagan gave the eulogy at his funeral.

Mr. Taylor had faced his illness with the same composure and strength that characterized his entire life.  As Ursula Taylor put it, “my husband is giving a performance–the greatest of his lifetime.” (The Pittsburgh Press, Dec. 8, 1968).

Lawrence Quirk, a writer, offered this epitaph:  “An American to the core, he loved his land, kept the faith, and looked for the best, and though the ravages of lung cancer brought untold agonies to his final year of life, he faced the end with grace and courage.” (Lawrence J. Quirk, “The Films of Robert Taylor,” page 12)


You are not forgotten, Mr.Taylor.

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I'm a long time Robert Taylor fan and I now have time to do his so I am.
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5 Responses to Robert Taylor died on June 8, 1969–43 years ago today

  1. Marianne says:

    I am also a fan of Robert Taylor. RIP

  2. I wrote Robert Taylor’s biography so his life’s story would be available in book stores all over the world. It was published in softcover and then in hardcover, a rarity. Since then several Taylor bios have come out.
    I didn’t want him to be forgotten

    • giraffe44 says:

      I love your Taylor bio. You are the only biographer who actually met him. The others are good, too, but not as immediate. As long as his pictures are available, he won’t be forgotten.

  3. Paul Goehring says:

    He was the best there are no actors today that could compare with him,they could’nt shine his shoes.

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